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Gift Ideas

Birthday, holiday, or just becuase, These are the best gifts around for your beer loving bae

beer gift, beer shirt

Brewers Shirts


Boring, sophmoric beer shirts no more! Made using eco-friendly inks, materials and processes,  Brewers Shirts offers a wide variety of both men's and women's apparel. T-shirts, tanks, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and even barware, Brewers Shirts has it all. $20-$25

beer wallet, beer gift
Mindy's Beer Gear


Completely handmade using upcycled beer beer packaging, Mindy's Beer Gear is one of a kind. Wallets, money clips, luggage tags, and dog tags . Most items range from $14-$23! For that kind of deal, you could buy one for all of your friends!

bottle opener, beer gift


The bottle opener that leaves the cap in perfect condition with no bends or creases of any kind. These openers are made from Red Oak and Maple and includes a built in wax-cutter and a rare earth magnet embedded so it will stick to the fridge and hold onto the cap when you open your bottle. The best part of these openers are they are handmade by a father and his son who is both autistic and blind as a way to bond. $20

beer game, beer gift
Beer Nerd: A Beer-Tasting Trivia Game
Found on


Give your friend an excuse to gather together their favorite group of beer nerds. Grab some beers and sit down for a night of fun.  Roll the die and either answer a suprizingly challenging question or perform a blind taste testing.  $39.99

goodnight brew, beer gift
Goodnight Brew
Found on


It’s closing time at the brewery. While the moon rises, the brewery crew—including three little otters (in charge of the water), a wort hog, and a hops wildebeest—introduce us to the brewing equipment, ingredients, and styles of beer. Join this fanciful crew as they close down for the evening and say goodnight to the brew kettle, barley and yeast, hops and mash, saison, porter, IPA, and much more. $12

beer glass, beer gift
Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses


These unique, functional glasses bring out the best in complex craft beers. Industry professionals and master brewers tested multiple glass shapes to find the best glass for India Pale Ale, American Wheat Beer, Stout and Barrel Aged Beer. $39.99

bottle cutter, beer gift
Kinkajou Bottle Cutter


Don't let your friend throw away empty bottles anymore! Turn them in to glasses, candles, vases, or whatever else creative you want to do with them. $69.99

bottle opener, cufflinks, beer gift
Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks


He won't complain having to get dressed up with this pair of cufflinks! The perfect gift for the flannel wearer who has to get dressed up, or a groomsmens' gift. $50

hops, barley, tie, beer tie, beer gift
Hops & Barley Tie


Illustrations taken from vintage botanical prints then using eco-friendly ink the print was silkscreened onto microfiber, vegan friendly fabric. Perfect for a fancy beer dinner. $30

beer mitten, coozie, beer gift
Beer Mittens
Suzy Mitt


Let your tailgating buddy know you care. The cold day just got a lot coozier. Keep their fingers warm while enjoying a cold one. They have quantity discounts, so get them for the group! $14

six-pack holder, beer gift, bike, commuter
Six-Pack Bike Holder


Your city friends will appreciate this one. Made in Wisconsin by a local craftman from full grain leather, Fyxation's leather beer caddy is the perfect companion for a night out on the bike. $59.95

bottle carrier, wine bag, beer bag, beer gift
Bottle Tote
Sea Bags


For the friend who loves their bottle shares and BYOBs. Send them off in style with this wine bag made from recycled sails. These durable wine bags are perfect for bomber bottles or 750s. $35

water, yeast, malt, hops, beer books, beer gifts
Brewing Elements
Brewers Publications


For the know-it-all beer geek.  There is no way your friend or significant other won't learn something new.  The advanced four-book series goes into extreme depth in the areas of: Water, Malt, Hops, and Yeast.  Sold individually at $19.95.

brewmasters table, garrett oliver, beer book, beer gifts
The Brewmasters Table
Harper Collins Publishing


A wonderful read for the friend who loves food as much as they love beer. Garrett Oliver explains the history of beer styles as well as food pairings in brilliant detail. Maybe they will get inspired and prepare a beer dinner for you as thanks!  $19.99

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