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Cerveza Ceviche

A shrimp and scallop ceviche using Free Will Brewing, The Kragle IPA.  This crisp, light, and refreshing IPA makes the perfect accompaniment to the tender flavors of the seafood.  Not to mention the breweries pirate theme folds right into my  underwater motif.  Enjoy this treasure chest of flavor.

bruxelles sprouts_edited.jpg

Bruxelles Sprouts

I was that weird kid that always loved vegetables.  I guess when you grow up with a mother whos mantra was,”you have to at least try it once and then if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it,” you get to try a wide variety of flavors.  It probably also helped that my mom is a remarkable chef. 


Chipotle Hopped Hummus

When developing this recipe I thought about the types of humus I like most:  I love spicy, I love garlic, and I would love one made with a hopped-up IPA. I started searching through my fridge for ingredients that could make this happen.  Chipotle in adobo sauce, done!  Fresh hopped IPA, most certainly! Garlic, it would be an abomination not to! So here it is, ChipotIe Hopped Hummus.

Buffalo Chicken Dip.jpg

Buffalo chicken dip

A fan favorite. You can't go wrong with some buffalo chicken dip!



There is never a bad time for matzo ball soup.  However, this recipe is for the 358 other days of the year outside of Passover when you can have beer!  I searched far and wide to make these beer infused matzo balls Kosher for Passover.  I even met with a Rabbi to see if I have maybe overlooked an malt substitute that could be used, but alas, it ended up getting all too complicated and that's not what this recipe is about.  So enjoy these balls (almost) every day of the year!

lamb stew.jpg


Savory and warm, this is the perfect dish on a blistery day.

beet soup_edited.jpg

Feel The Beet and Puree Your Heart Out On The Dance Floor

This soup equally cold as it is refreshing.  For this recipe I used Victory Brewing Company, Golden Monkey.  The blend of spicy and fruity in the Belgian-style tripel is the perfect complement to the earthy flavors of the beets.  As a note, This beer is 9.5% abv and the alcohol is NOT boiled out, so enjoy the soup then dance your face off!


Smoked Porter Wild Boar Chili

Please note: This recipe will make you about a gallon of chili.  Furthermore, that chili will probably be gone in about 2-3 days.



What is the one thing that can make cheese better? HOPS! I was inspired to do this in a class lead  by the great cook and author, Lucy Saunder.  She said the two most magical words that left me spellbound, “hop cheese.” The simple infusion she had published in the online magazine Food Loves Beer.  I added the melty part, enjoy! There are two ways to prepare hop cheese: one is a simple infusion, the other is for the more adventurous molecular gastonomists who want to make oooey goooey hoppy cheese.


Cornish Hens With Apricot Glaze

Like me, you probably have a ton of pumpkin pie spice leftover from fall. Even if pumpkin season is over, apricot just happens to meld swimmingly! I tested a few apricot beers in the glaze to see if it made any difference in taste.  I tested the Sea Dog Apricot, Ithaca Apricot Wheat, and Brouwerij De Troch Chapeau Abricot. In the end, they all tasted virtually the same, so don’t stress. Just grab yourself any apricot beer and enjoy some tasty chicken!


Cracked Green Peppercorn Cream Sauce

A perfect blend of cream, brown ale (or lager), cognac and green peppercorns compliments steaks, potatoes and veggies perfectly.

salmon quinoa_edited.png

Commandeered Salmon Quinoa Salad

First off, let me say the original recipe is not mine.  I outright stole it from my mother and added some beer.  She created this recipe a couple years back for the Aetna Healthy Food Fight in which she was a finalist.  This woman deserved to win. I was there. Nevertheless,  I got a craving for this dish as well as an easy breezy saison and magic happened.  Not only is this dish healthy, there’s beer in it.

corned beef_edited.jpg

I'm A Little Corned Beef, Glazed With Stout

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today is a celebration of all things Irish: the tradition, the food, and of course, the beer! In homage to this grand celebration, I wrapped up all these things into a little package I like to call “I’m a little corned beef, glazed and stout.” 


Sausage stuffing

Getting into the fall spirit with some Sausage Cornbread Stuffing! Just crack an egg on top.

rum ham_edited.jpg

rum ham

"You might say, we're getting hammered." - Ronald "Mac" McDonald

turkey drumsticks_edited.jpg

Game of Drumsticks

Eat like a Highborn


Papaya IPA face Mask

Well hello there soft and supple skin! Papaya is an absolute enzyme wonder for the skin. Combined with other all natural skin care gems, this face mask will leave you ageless.

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