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Whether new to the booze game, or looking to enhance your staff's knowledge, these courses are designed with your bottom line in mind.  An educated team adds value, which ensures positive guest interaction that directly benefits your staff and ultimately, your business. Build team confidence to ensure customers leave satisfied.

Pouring a Pint

The world of beer is ever expanding, with new styles every year. Make sure your team is trained with industry leading knowledge on beer styles, pouring technique, recognizing off-flavors, correct glassware, and proper glassware cleaning.


Learn how to explain flavors, grapes, winemaking regions, proper serving technique, glassware, and recognizing off-flavors.


Craft cocktails are all the rage. Be the leading force behind any bar by learning the intricacies of spirits such as whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, vodka and more.

Beer Tap
Draft Systems

Nothing slows down service quicker than a faulty draft system. Learn the basics of  troubleshooting draft systems to save your night before the techs are able to come out.

Super Health Food

Give your guests the full experience they deserve. Learn the principles of pairing and explore how best to marry your food menu to your beverage menu.

Serving Beer

Take your team and your check average to the next level. The subtle principles of upselling using your knowledge are both impressive to guests and help keep your business healthy. 

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