Whether new to the booze game, or looking to enhance your staff's knowledge, these courses are designed with your bottom line in mind.  An educated team adds value, which ensures positive guest interaction that directly benefits your staff and ultimately, your business. Build team confidence to ensure customers leave satisfied.

Wine Pairing
Wine Pairing
Wine Pairing
Beer Flavor Wheel

Learn how to better articulate what you are drinking with this handy Beer Flavor Wheel by beer writer Mark Dredge.

Off-Flavors in Beer

Recognizing off-flavors in beer allows you to better judge the quality of the beer you are drinking, or brewing.  Here are the most comon off-flavors and their causes.

Beer & Cheese

One of the most overlooked melanges is the beautiful union between beer and cheese. Cheese is fatty and has a coating effect on the pallet.  Beer's carbonation helps scrub the tongue so you can actually taste the flavors together!

Beer 101

First Beer 101 feature article: Intro To Beer and Brewing


Navigate the brewing process and the difference between Ales and Lagers.

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